Verow for House District 128

Election Day is nearing and I encourage all to go to the polls to vote. I also encourage voters in Brewer to support Democratic Rep. Arthur “Archie” Verow for another term in the Maine Legislature.

Verow has a long and distinguished record of public service for the people of Brewer. As city clerk, a member of the City Council and now as our representative in District 128 he has shown that he is one we could count on to listen and act in a responsible manner at each step in his history of service.

I am pleased to say I have known Verow for more than 40 years and to be able, again, to support him for the Maine House. Verow has my vote, and I hope he will have the district’s support.

Charles “Dusty” Fisher


Clinton only reasonable choice

I repeatedly hear from idealistic individuals who are dismayed at not having what they feel is a really admirable presidential candidate for whom they can vote or that voting for “the lesser of two evils” is not enough reason for them to go out and vote.

Fine. We all love our lungs. Pneumonia and lung cancer are both evils that can afflict our lungs. Would you not rather have pneumonia than lung cancer? If, unlike with a health concern about which you have no choice, you could actually vote for a lesser disease, would you not bother to vote?

Every poll that I have ever seen about qualifications for the office of president says that, regardless of whatever else they think of Hillary Clinton, a majority of Americans think she has the right temperament to be president. And every poll I’ve ever seen asking the same thing about Donald Trump, has a majority saying, regardless of whatever else they think about him, they believe he does not have the right temperament to be president.

If someone is emotionally and psychologically unqualified to be president, we must cast a vote that helps prevent that person from becoming president. And that only can be a vote for Clinton. Reasonable and responsible people always want less evil.

Peter Agrafiotis

Cape Neddick

Take a stand against dark money

I served 24 years in the Legislature and witnessed the evolution of campaign financing. With the advent of “Clean Elections,” outside special interests circumvent the “clean” aspect by setting up political action committees to spend money attacking the opposition. Candidates can deny all responsibility for attack ads done on their behalf.

There is no better example of this than the campaign of Democrat Jonathan Fulford who is challenging Republican Senate President Mike Thibodeau for the Waldo County seat in the Maine Senate. Although Fulford and his followers have been congratulating themselves for him running as a Clean Elections candidate, there is nothing clean about the spending in this race.

So far, records show more than $104,000 in outside money has been spent on Fulford, with $50,000 recently coming from a California-based super PAC. Waldo County will be deluged with negative attacks against Thibodeau in mailers, internet ads and radio spots.

Fulford has said he can’t control outside expenditures but any candidate with integrity could do what Republican Sen. Paula Benoit did during her first election in 2006. Benoit challenged an incumbent senator who had switched parties, and Republicans were looking for payback. Benoit said she would drop out if anyone went negative in her campaign. No negative ads were run on her behalf, and she won her election.

Instead of saying he can’t control the outside negative expenditures, Fulford should take a principled stand and forbid it. Or the people of Waldo County can reject outside money and negative campaigning and vote for Thibodeau on Nov. 8.

Mary Small


Background checks responsible

Many of us in Maine take pride in our long-standing tradition of responsible gun ownership. We enjoy hunting in the beautiful North Woods, and many families want to pass on these traditions to the next generation.

Mainers count themselves lucky to have police departments that do so much to keep us safe, day in and day out. Not only are we proud of our gun-owning heritage, but we are proud of our ability to handle firearms safely and responsibly. We teach one other proper cleaning and usage techniques, which ensures our traditions will live on for seasons to come.

Ensuring that every person who buys or borrows a gun in Maine undergoes a required background check is just another facet of being a responsible gun owner. No one wants their guns to end up in the wrong hands. Background checks save lives, and as a state, we can do better.

Voting yes on Question 3 would go a long way to closing the loophole in purchasing firearms by making it much more difficult for felons, domestic abusers and those with severe mental illness to purchase.

Often, people who have been denied access to guns in their home-state then decide to come to Maine in order to purchase guns because they know our current gun sales laws are lenient and relatively unregulated. It is up to us, as Maine residents and responsible voters, to reverse this trend, and in doing so, keep Maine’s traditions safe.

Amelia Pellegrini


Re-elect Verow

I support Democratic Rep. Arthur “Archie” Verow who is running for re-election in Maine House District 128, which includes the vast majority of Brewer. As a nurse, I see first hand the challenges patients and community members face with health care, lack of good paying jobs and education. Verow is someone who has worked to address those challenges throughout his years as a city councilor and state representative, and he will continue to do so.

Verow is a lifelong Brewer resident. He understands the city and its people, and he possesses the necessary experience and level of commitment to continue as an effective representative for Brewer in the Legislature. I know we can count on him to truly represent working families in his district.

Voters in District 128 should join me in voting for Verow on Nov. 8.

Cokie Giles


Election notice

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