HARPSWELL, Maine — Two men — including one being held on a kidnapping charge — have been charged with theft after a month-long investigation by the Maine Marine Patrol revealed they stole lobsters from two dealers.

Troy J. Woodman, 34 of Warren and Shane Hall, 29 of Portland have both been charged. Woodman was arrested Oct. 17 by Marine Patrol Sgt. Robert Beal and taken to Cumberland County Jail.

Hall is currently in Knox County Jail in Rockland facing a total of six other charges including aggravated assault and kidnapping for allegedly forcing a woman into his car as she walked home in Rockland in late September. Hall had claimed to the court that he had been doing carpentry work in the Warren area with a friend at the time of his arrest on Sept. 28 in Rockland.

The Marine Patrol investigation revealed that the two men stole lobsters from Quahog Lobster in Harpswell. According to Marine Patrol reports, the thefts took place between late-September and mid-October.

The thefts were uncovered through surveillance conducted by Marine Patrol Officers Rebecca Kavanaugh and Christopher Hilton as well as Sergeant Beal.

“We take cases like this very seriously,” said Marine Patrol Colonel Jon Cornish. “Theft of this magnitude deprives hard working, law abiding Mainers of their livelihood and undermines our coastal economy. I’m very proud of the officers and sergeant for their thorough investigation.”

Woodman has been charged with one count of Class C theft for allegedly stealing lobsters from Quahog Lobster on September 17. Additional theft charges against Woodman are expected for thefts that occurred at Quahog Lobster on September 24, 25, 27, and October 6, and at Maggie’s Seafood in South Bristol on October 9 and October 16.

Hall has been charged with one count of Class D theft and one count of Class C theft for allegedly stealing lobsters from Quahog Lobster on Sept. 25 and 27. The final alleged theft occurred the day before the kidnapping incident.

A total of 19 crates filled with lobster were allegedly stolen by the two over the course of the seven days. The estimated value of the stolen lobster and crates exceeds $9,000.

In Maine, Class C crimes carry a penalty of up to 5 years in jail and a fine of $5,000 while Class D crimes are punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a fine of $2,000.

An investigation into the sale and purchase of the stolen lobsters is ongoing.