ROCKLAND, Maine — The young woman kidnapped Wednesday night by a Portland man said Thursday that she fought her attacker repeatedly even as he threatened to murder her.

The Rockland woman, who asked that her name not be used, said she suffered bruises from being punched repeatedly in the face and choked.

Shane Hall, 29, of Portland, is being held without bail at the Knox County Jail in Rockland, charged with kidnapping and eluding a police officer.

The woman said she was walking home from work on her regular route at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday. She was walking on Main Street, near the intersection with Cedar Street, when she noticed a vehicle parked on the side of the road. That neighborhood is a mix of residential homes and businesses.

She heard the vehicle’s door open and close and then looked and saw a man in a ski mask coming at her. He grabbed her and tried to pull her into the vehicle but she fought him.

“I head butted him once and got loose for a moment but then he grabbed me again and I bit him on the hand,” the woman said.

The only thing he said to her was to not scream, she said. But the woman said she did scream but that there was no one around.

The man then punched her in the face five or six times before putting his arm around her throat and squeezing until she lost consciousness, she said. She awoke in the passenger seat of his Nissan Rogue sports utility vehicle.

She said he told her he was going to kill her if she didn’t stop trying to get out of the vehicle. The car then began driving away from its parked location and almost immediately she saw the blue lights of a police cruiser.

“I was relieved but still scared to death,” she said.

Rockland police Sgt. Matthew Lindahl had been on regular patrol when he noticed the vehicle operating erratically and began pursuing it.

The woman said that as the vehicle sped up, the man tried to push her out.

The car traveled south on Main Street and then west on Pleasant Street. The woman said she decided to grab the steering wheel and he overcompensated and jerked the wheel so that the SUV went off the road and struck a utility pole.

The man climbed out of the vehicle through the sunroof and ran but was almost immediately apprehended by two other police officers who had responded to the chase, she said.

The woman said that at one point during the ordeal she had been pulling at the man’s hair and saw his face. She said she did not recognize him and had never seen him before.

She said she was sore and still suffering from nerves over the incident. She added she would no longer walk home alone but would ask co-workers to give her a ride.

The Rockland woman said she would be following his court case closely.

“I’m rooting for the longest sentence possible. I want him to rot in jail,” she said.

The maximum penalty for kidnapping is 30 years in prison.