BANGOR, Maine — Another restaurant has signed on to fill the last vacant space in Bangor’s Stillwater Crossing development.

Vinny Maietta, president of South Portland-based V&E Enterprises Inc., which built Stillwater Crossing, said last week that he has signed a lease with the owners of Portland’s Kon Asian Bistro to start a new hibachi-style restaurant at the development.

Stillwater Crossing is currently home to Buffalo Wild Wings, Hobby Lobby and Elevation Burger. Left unfilled is an 8,000-square-foot space that shares a building with Elevation Burger, which opened its doors in April.

Kon Asian Bistro, located on Brighton Avenue in Portland, offers sushi, lunch specials and entrees, but a large chunk of their business comes from the group hibachi tables.

Hibachi restaurants seat a group of people around a large grill, where the chef cooks rice and proteins for the diner, typically putting on a show of spinning spatulas, tossing eggs and lighting fires while they cook.

Attempts to reach the owners of Kon Asian Bistro were not successful Monday. It’s unclear when the restaurant might be ready to open. Much work still needs to done in the building, which is still an empty shell. Kon’s parent company also operates about a dozen other similar establishments throughout New England, Maietta said.

Bangor already has one hibachi restaurant, Kobe Ninja House, located about a mile down Stillwater Avenue near the Walmart.

Maietta said last week that he was pleased to find a tenant for the space, which he’s been trying to fill since 2014. He said several large national retailers “kicked the tires,” but never moved forward with signing a deal.

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