PORTLAND, Maine — Water from a broken water main, burst through seams in the roadway at several spots along Deering Avenue, creating a heavy flow running down nearby Chamberlain Avenue Sunday afternoon.

The flow began around 12:15 pm and created light flooding as it ran downhill along Chamberlain and Deering avenues — mostly draining into storm drains on each street.

The surface of the road bulged at the intersection of the two streets and the flow of water was discolored a brownish gray, seemingly by soil being stripped out from under the asphalt.

Police and city government were informed around 12:20 p.m and a Portland Water District employee first arrived around 1 pm. The water continued to flow and the street remained open, with cars and trucks passing through the lightly flooded area and over the distended road, for a little more than an hour, before water was shut off around 1:30 pm.

The Portland Water District confirmed over Twitter that the light flooding was caused by a water main break and advised motorists to avoid the area but could not be immediately reached for comment.

The Deering Avenue water main is not among those listed for replacement on the Portland Water District’s website.

The affected eastern lane of Deering Avenue is closed, while the western lane is open. Heavy excavation equipment began to arrive at the intersection around 2 pm.

Residents in the area around the burst pipe were without water Sunday afternoon.