ROCKPORT, Maine — The Select Boards of Camden and Rockport will meet Monday evening to discuss the possibility of the neighboring communities sharing a police chief.

The idea arose after longtime Rockport Police Chief Mark Kelley announced two weeks ago he would be leaving as of July 1.

Rockport Town Manager Richard Bates said he raised the issue with the Rockport board and then contacted Camden Town Manager Patricia Finnigan who brought it to her board. The result is the meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Monday.

If the boards support the sharing of the chief, the agreement would be for six months. When asked if that could become more long-term, Bates said anything was possible.

Camden’s department is led by Chief Randy Gagne. Gagne has been with the Camden department for 27 years, the last 5½ years as chief.

Gagne said Friday that the two departments have worked closely together over the years and routinely back each other up on calls. He congratulated Kelley on his retirement. Kelley has been chief for 19 years and with his department for more than 30 years.

“We’re willing to do anything to help them,” Gagne said.

Camden has 11 officers, and Rockport has six or seven.