BANGOR, Maine — The new wooden fence lining the Waterfront Concerts venue could see some color added in the near future.

Bangor’s cultural commission and city staff are working with concert organizers to create a community mural project, which will give artists free space to paint the wall. The first phase of the project would allow people to decorate an interior section of the wall at the back of the venue.

The 8-foot-tall cedar fence lining the venue could serve as an “extraordinary canvas,” Waterfront Concerts promoter Alex Gray said in a Tuesday news release.

The project takes inspiration from “free walls” in other cities, which aim to provide a legal place for public artistic expression and prevent illegal tagging and graffiti elsewhere in the city.

Waterfront Concerts started installing the fence earlier this month, replacing a chain link fence and torn blue canvas screen.

“Beyond the benefits of safety and security [provided by the fence], we recognize the opportunity to foster local talent and showcase the region’s creative spirit,” Gray said.

Artists or groups who would like to contribute to the wall or learn more can email Elissa Young of Waterfront Concerts at

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