BIDDEFORD, Maine — Starting your own business can be a risky endeavor, but 14-year-old entrepreneur Jack Cardin seems to have it together.

Cardin started Kinney Shores Trading Co. in September, producing balms, fire starters and candles. Seven months later, it’s more successful than either he or his parents could have anticipated.

“I’m happy to say we’re no longer in the red,” he said Friday at his work space in North Dam Mill, where he makes his products. He has agreements with three shops in southern Maine, and is in discussions with a fourth.

Jack uses ingredients such as high-grade essential oils, organic shea butter, bees wax, and cocoa and almond oils.

His products include a variety of hand balms, Bug Balm with citronella oil to repel bugs, Paw Balm for dogs, “fire muffin” fire starters and candles in shells.

His newest product is Beard Balm, which he developed at the request of a client in Portland. He wants to expand his line of candles, and he has a soap product in development.

He also enjoys making jewelry, especially rings, and may someday add jewelry to his list of products. He is considering having some retail hours Saturdays at his studio, which is currently used just for production.

James Jasper, business development coordinator with the Biddeford + Saco Chamber of Commerce + Development, said it’s great to have a young entrepreneur in the mix of the local business community.

Every new addition grows the local business community, he said, and adds more diversity and offerings, helping to make Biddeford a destination.

Jack learned how to make candles and fire starters at a class he took with his mother in Connecticut, and, with the help of his mother, learned how to make balms by experimenting at home.

He’s also learned a lot of marketing skills, including how to create a sales pitch and a retail Facebook page, and about online stores and designing labels.

Jack and his parents are Connecticut residents, and they divide their time between Connecticut and Saco. Jack is homeschooled, and works with tutors and teachers in Connecticut.

Jack’s mother, Pam Cardin, said the family has been spending more time in Maine since Jack got his business off the ground. They decided to launch the business in Biddeford because of all the local resources, including Engine, an art gallery and artist collective, where Jack has taken classes on Photoshop, Illustrator and other topics.

“Everybody’s been really nice,” said Jack. He’s made some connections with other artists and craftsmen in the building, including a graphic artist who printed his signs.

Pam Cardin said her son’s been wanting to start his own business for a while, and she and her husband, Joe, decided to support him in his endeavors even though success was far from certain.

“I really didn’t think I’d have success this quickly,” said Jack. “There’s been a lot of kind people who have been very encouraging.”