WARREN, Maine — A local man made his initial court appearance Friday afternoon on a charge of aggravated assault after being accused of choking another man unconscious.

Eliot T. Boyce, 45, was arrested Thursday night at a residence on Main Street in Warren.

According to an affidavit filed in Knox County Unified Court in Rockland by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, the two men got into an argument. Boyce told police that the other man would not stop bugging him and they got into a fight during which the man began squeezing Boyce’s neck.

But Boyce said he was bigger and stronger, and when he squeezed the other man’s neck in return, the man ultimately went limp and fell to the floor. Someone else in the home called police, and Boyce said he went outside and sat on the steps until police arrived.

Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Baroody said that the victim recovered and was able to give a statement.

In court Friday, bail was set at $500 cash.