ROCKLAND, Maine — The city announced Wednesday that it would use city workers to continue construction of the Rockland Harbor Trail rather than hire private contractors.

The city stated in a news release that new staff in Rockland’s public services department will handle construction of the Atlantic Street segment of the trail that will connect two existing sections.

The city estimates that employees can perform the work at around a fourth of the cost of outsourcing this part of the job to outside contractors.

“This work by the public service department reflects our renewed effort to bring fiscal responsibility and more effective government to Rockland,” said City Manager Jim Chaousis in the news release. “Rather than outsourcing at considerable expense, I’m proud that our own people can do great work for our citizens and save taxpayer money.”

The Harbor Trail has been in the works since 1991, with the goal to have a path from the Breakwater Lighthouse in the north to Snow Marine Park in the south.

The current Harbor Trail Committee has been very proactive in making this vision a reality, according to the news release.

“We are committed to making Harbor Trail a reality, foot by foot,“ Mayor Louise McLellan-Ruf, chair of the Harbor Trail Committee, said in the news release.