ROCKLAND, Maine — The last of three people arrested in January for operating a methamphetamine lab on Vinalhaven was sentenced Wednesday.

The bust was the first of 2015. There have since been an additional 52 suspected meth labs uncovered this year in Maine with the latest this week in Buxton.

On Wednesday, Hilary Walker, 21, of Union was sentenced in Knox County Unified Court by Judge Susan Sparaco to five years in prison with all but 18 months suspended for felony trafficking in meth. Walker also will be on probation for two years after her release from prison.

The sentence follows an agreement reached between the attorney general’s office and defense attorney.

Last month, Owen R. Adair, 24, of Vinalhaven was given the same sentence by Justice Daniel Billings. That sentence also was handed down after a plea deal was worked out by the prosecution and defense.

In October, Ryan Rairdon, 27, of Union was sentenced by Billings to six years in prison with all but two years suspended. He also will have to be on probation for two years upon his release.

The maximum sentence for the offense in Maine is 10 years in prison.

The arrests occurred after the Knox County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint about a possible drug lab on the island. Investigating deputies reportedly spotted several items consistent with methamphetamine manufacturing inside a small tool shed in a back yard and contacted the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Members of the MDEA Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team, assigned to the MDEA Mid-Coast District Task Force, went to Vinalhaven. Upon further investigation, the agents confirmed that meth had been manufactured in the shed, according to the MDEA. Agents seized evidence of a one pot manufacturing process, including chemicals and hoses. A gas generator also was seized. Agents expanded their investigation to a residence on Overlook Hill Road in Union, where they conducted interviews and allegedly seized additional evidence of methamphetamine manufacturing.

MDEA dealt with 28 meth labs in 2014.