PORTLAND, Maine — As Maine’s heroin problem appears to get worse, Portland is taking steps to battle the epidemic.

A new program seeks to address the crisis through three key elements of outreach, which include education, community awareness and treatment.

The new initiative also will provide a brand new full-time position funded by money seized from drug dealers. This person will be out in the community working to identify the people who need help and assistance.

The police chief said the drug problem in the community is not slowing down. He said it’s time to stop talking about it and start acting.

“Were trying to step away from the conference table and get on the street and get beyond the very useful conversations and planning sessions to get to where the rubber meets and road and try to make a difference day to day,” Portland police Chief Michael Sauschuck said.

The mayor and the police chief admitted the new position and the new task force is not the answer. It is the starting point to tackling the issue of drug dependency in Portland and throughout the State of Maine.