Bangor Daily News subscribers and readers will have one more thing to be thankful for on Nov. 26. The newspaper that day will have 3 pounds of inserts featuring Black Friday bargains from retailers throughout the state. It is the largest print product the BDN puts together all year.

National and local advertisers know that Black Friday shoppers will use the BDN as a tool that day, and want to get their holiday shopping offers in front of the paper’s audience.

“Once again, the Bangor Daily News Thanksgiving edition will be the most sought after paper of the year,” said BDN Circulation Director Mike Prazma. “It is a must for Black Friday shoppers. Don’t miss out!”

The Thursday edition of the BDN will help shoppers come up with a game plan to hit all of their favorite shopping destinations to find the best bargains.

Planning for the Thanksgiving Day issue takes place weeks in advance. Everything from trucking and printing to how many papers each store needs, and keeping the BDN carrier force informed needs to be planned well in advance. Some sections of the paper began the printing and packaging process up to a week in advance of Thanksgiving.

The newspaper that day will contain more than 35 inserts in addition to the regular news and features, which translates into more than 650 pages of Black Friday deals.

BDN circulation staff and carriers will be out very early Thanksgiving morning to make sure the papers are where they need to be well ahead of store openings.

“I would like to take this opportunity to remind readers that the upcoming Thanksgiving Day edition of the BDN will be packed with news, advertising inserts and sales flyers. And it will carry once again the newsstand price of $2 plus applicable sales tax, the same as the weekend paper,” said Jason Oliver, BDN circulation manager.

For information, call Prazma at 990-8183 or email Please use our interactive map to find many of the stores that will be open on Thanksgiving and carry the Bangor Daily News Thanksgiving edition.