U.S. Republican Presidential candidate stands behind supporter Myriam Witcher of Las Vegas after inviting her onstage at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada October 8, 2015. Credit: DAVID BECKER | REUTERS

Ever wonder about the intelligence of a political candidate’s followers? While perhaps not the most scientific gauge ever, the Grammarly online writing app put together a handy infographic on how well the presidential candidates’ supporters communicate their ideas in writing.

At the top of the rankings is Lincoln Chafee, former governor of Rhode Island and a Democrat. The rest of the Democratic contenders fell in behind Chafee, with the worst grammar ascribed to Republican candidates, particularly Donald Trump.

Grammarly compiled the ranking by selecting more than 180 comments, each with at least 15 words, from each candidate’s official Facebook page. It counted only clear-cut errors, such as misspellings, incorrect and missing punctuation, misused or missing words, and subject-verb disagreement. It ignored common slang words, serial comma usage and the use of numerals instead of spelled-out numbers.

Presidential Debate Grammar Power Rankings
Erin Rhoda

Erin Rhoda

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