PORTLAND, Maine — A delegation from Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik are scheduled to meet with officials here to discuss how to boost cultural connections between the cities.

The city said in a statement Tuesday that eight city administrators for Reykjavik would meet at City Hall at 2 p.m. Wednesday in a meeting coordinated by shipping company Eimskip and the North Atlantic Development Office in the Maine International Trade Center.

The city said local and Icelandic officials plan to discuss ways to promote downtown tourism, arts, cultural events and industry-based relationships on both sides of the Atlantic.

“We’re exploring concepts as simple as serving Icelandic hot dogs in Portland and serving Maine lobster rolls in Reykjavik, swapping our best-loved comfort food during the summer months,” Dana Eidsness, director of the North Atlantic Development Office, said in a news release.

The city also said officials plan to discuss the launch of the Maine Timber + Ice project, which would use shipping containers as transportation and exhibit space for traveling art installations.

“Imagine, simultaneously having containers of art from Portland and Reykjavik exchanged and delivered in our respective town squares and that these containers would be curated exhibit space featuring each city’s local art and design,” Eidsness said.

Larus Isfeld, managing director of Eimskip, said the meeting was the result of discussions that started in 2014 during a gubernatorial trade mission from Maine to Iceland.