Animated gif from Youtube of the Topmix Concrete. Credit: Tarmac
This amazing concrete absorbs water almost instantly

After witnessing heavy flooding in Maine Wednesday, this concrete seems absolutely magical.

Topmix Permeable concrete, a new product from a company in the UK, absorbs approximately 880 gallons of water every minute — making water seem like it disappears.

The way this concrete works is that it’s a system of granite pebbles that are permeable enough to let water leach through it into the soil underneath.

Tragically, though, it wouldn’t work in Maine because Topmix is vulnerable to extreme cold temperatures and would be destroyed in freezing weather. It’s hard work, being a road in Maine.

Read more at “This ‘thirsty’ concrete absorbs 880 gallons of water a minute — here’s how it works” via Tech Insider.


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