ANTRIM TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania — Pennsylvania State Police tell CBS 13 News that charges are expected later today in the I-81 shooting of Timothy “Asti” Davison.

Davison was gunned down in 2014 while driving home to Maine.

“It’s just like the world crumbled,” Tyler Merchant, Davison’s friends, said just months after his death.

This case has been on many people’s minds since Davison was shot and killed in cold blood.

“They were definitely out on a killing spree that night,” Davison’s mother, Theresa Allocca, said.

On the morning of Jan. 4, 2014, Davison was heading northbound to Maine along Interstate 81 in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, when state police say he was pursued for miles and eventually run off the road.

Several weeks after the crime, police dispatchers released a portion of the emergency call from that night. Davison can be heard describing the crash.

That crash eventually lead to a shooting that killed Davison. The person who pulled the trigger then took off. After about a month, police began narrowing the vehicle search to a 1993 to 1997 blue Ford Ranger pickup.

“Any incident that we deal with, we always go in with the attitude that we’re going to solve it, no matter how long it takes,” Trooper Rob Hicks said in January of 2014.

That investigation lead to a thorough look into the handling of Davison’s 911 call. Apparently, the call dropped at least once while he was calling for help, leading U.S. senator for Pennsylvania Bob Casey to call on the FCC to act.

“I’m sure they’ve known for years it’s hard to get calls in rural areas. But in this case we want them to take a focused look,” Sen. Casey said.

In the end, the family was left searching for answers.

“That will be the time I think we really start healing as opposed to making it through, because that is what we’re doing right now. We’re going through the motions,” Adele Allocca, Davison’s sister, said.

At the height of the investigation, police and the family were offering a $60,000 reward.

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