April 21, 2019
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Monday, Sept. 14, 2015: No national park, burn bras, Jesus and marriage certificates

You can see Katahdin from here

A person should think twice before inviting trouble. In the case of the proposed North Woods national park, there would be real trouble, for Roxanne Quimby does not own some of the acres she is speaking of for her park and recreation area. If people sell their lands in towns east of the park, it could put them out of earning higher income.

Baxter State Park has a gem of a mountain, which draws all the people the park can handle to keep the wild atmosphere. Yet, this very popular park, with its beautiful views of Mount Katahdin up close, has not brought anywhere near the great promises Quimby and her son have said would take place with her national park.

If Quimby and her son were to give her land east of Baxter State Park that reaches the East Branch of the Penobscot River, following along Wassataquoik Stream, to the state park, that would fulfill former Gov. Percival Baxter’s dream. (It gives one a good feeling to make someone happy.)

Not many people are going to drive up to the proposed national park to look at trees and more trees and a few glimpses of Mount Katahdin. Katahdin can be seen in all its splendor from the road through Stacyville and from the top of Ash Hill on the road to Patten, which includes the whole range in addition to several other beautiful views.

Fran Mitchell


Jesus, Caesar, marriage

The conflict between a Kentucky county clerk’s personal beliefs, legislative enactments, as well as court decrees is a case now receiving intense media attention. First, the U.S. Constitution guarantees us freedom of religion. Without a new amendment, that right can not be abridged. Second, does the clerk realize she has an out?

If she will read the Gospels she will come upon the times when Jesus’ detractors presented him challenges in the hopes that his responses would give them cause to put him onto the cross immediately. A question posed by his detractors was akin to that facing the clerk, and those charged with carrying out Kentucky’s legislative decree.

The question asked Jesus as to whose will a person should follow: God’s, or Caesar’s? Jesus gave a simple answer: to paraphrase, “Render unto Caesar that which is his. Render unto God that which is his.” Very simply put. The clerk may carry out Caesar’s, or the Kentucky Legislature’s decree, because it is not her personal decision to issue a marriage license to same-sex couples. This knowledge fits in very well with her prescribed duties to which she was sworn at the time she took the job.

Within all the uproar her decision is causing, there have been no reports of people pointing out the clerk had an out and did not need to challenge the law to maintain her personal belief.

Dana Allison

Castle Hill

Burn your bras

The opinion expressed Sept. 6 by Patricia Callahan to Cat Just couldn’t have missed the mark more. Where did the Equal Rights Amendment, civil liberties or equal justice fit into her narrative? Is the era of the Equal Rights Amendment, feminist movement behind us as “liberal-minded” women?

In 2015, how many young women know the Equal Rights Amendment is yet to be ratified? We can tout our 19th Amendment and Women’s Equality Day, but let’s be real, they’re largely symbolic at best.

Do we really live in a liberal-minded America that believes “ludicrous beauty standards” perpetuated by the fashion industry and targeting our daughters opens them up to public bashing and shaming? They’re not fair game to having their modesty and decency measured by a self-professed “liberal-minded” woman.

I don’t particularly care to see men in speedos at public beaches but am tolerant because I have the equal right to rock my string bikini. No, this is not the post-feminist movement America or any post women’s lib American I was taught about by my mother. This liberal-minded woman’s view and message to Cat Just and all young women is this: If public schools are offended by your bra straps, burn them and if not literally, symbolically — #Brasonfire hashtag. And take comfort in knowing this liberal woman and mother will stand equal to you in solidarity as your sister.

You gave me hope and pride Cat in the young feminist movement of my daughter’s generation. Stand strong, stand united and you’ll conquer all.

Beth Wing



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