Google released a sweet interactive you can see above — or here for full screen — that shows how people searched the candidates before and during the debate.

The biggest issue searched for most of the debate in the nation? Taxes.

The winner of the pre-debate show, according to Google nationwide searches? Carly Fiorina.

And how did Mainers search? Hands down, the number one candidate Mainers searched for during the debate was Donald Trump, just like most of the rest of the country. He’s been winning the Google game for a while now.

Credit: Google Trends

However, the second most popular search by county varied a lot.

Credit: Google Trends

How often do the County’s interests match up with Southern Maine? Jeb Bush was the top search during the debate Aroostook as well as most of the southern and coastal counties. For Hancock and Washington counties, it was Walker. For Penobscot and Sagadahoc it was Rand Paul. For Piscataquis, it was Ben Carson; for Oxford, it was Ted Cruz.

See the maps and a breakdown of all the issues searched on Google Trends‘ topic page for the debate.


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