Credit: Bruno Jubelin | Youtube

Looking to treat an outdoor wood project for a low cost? Supposedly you can do it with flour.

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You can make flour paint from a mixture of flour, water, pigment, linseed oil, colorless dish soap and iron sulfate — and heat — for a fraction of the cost of industrial paint.

Flour paint is environmentally friendly, durable, simple to make and inexpensive, according to this guide (warning: it’s written in French).

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According to (a wood finishing shop in Quebéc), the paint recipe has its origins in Sweden and was recently revived in France as a resilient, non-toxic way to restore historical homes. As it wrote in its blog:

“On our side of the Atlantic Ocean, people are increasingly discovering this cheap homemade paint which gives a rustic, matt look to external, wooden walls. Many appreciate it for its non-toxicity, especially those who have health and environmental concerns regarding the use of industrial paints.”

Visit its website for the recipe, and check out the videos above (warning: in French) for a how-to guide.


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