This is probably the Maineiest beer ever.

Maine beer maker Oxbow Brewing uses live lobsters and sea salt in the production of its limited edition Saison Dell’Aragosta beer.

During the brewing process, the lobsters are placed in a mesh bag and boiled in a kettle of wort, which is basically beer that hasn’t been fermented, brewmaster Tim Adams told the Associated Press.

The lobsters were eaten after they were used to brew the 4.5 percent alcohol by volume beer, according to the AP.

There are two reviews for Oxbow’s Saison Dell’Aragosta on Beer Advocate, including this very specific take on how the beer tastes:

“Pour is pale yellow, light haze, fizzy white head that dissipates quickly. Nose is leathery brett, off firecracker/gun powder, a bit salty, very different. Flavor follows suit with a bit more lemony sweetness. Same burnt sulfur note, light leather, light carb, soft body, salty finish.”

Another reviewer noted that the beer “finishes with some salinity and a hint of the lobster. Sounds obvious but this is the perfect summer beer to pair with seafood. Really well done.”

Beer and lobster are a classic pairing — but most commonly beer is used in preparation of the lobster, not the other way around.


Dan MacLeod

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