Clockwise from top-left, Orono third grader Rhowan Campbell, horror writer Stephen King, medical thriller writer Tess Gerritsen, and hands on a laptop. Credit: BDN and Reuters file photos

Maine has been home to a slew of great, accomplished authors. Bestsellers Stephen King and Tess Gerritsen come immediately to mind, but there have been many, many others, some with Pulitzer Prizes and Academy Awards to their names.

It’d be an honor to have any one of them write a book about your life, but which one would be best suited for the task? Well, that depends, to some degree, on what kind of a life you’re living. Would a thriller writer be the best choice to pen your book? Perhaps somebody with a reputation for rich character building, or someone known for their twisting and turning plots?

Tip of the cap here to BDN reporter Julia Bayly for this neat quiz idea. Answer these 12 questions to determine which of Maine’s famed authors should write your life story:

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Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.