Arizona Cardinals' Tyrann Mathieu stars in a public service announcement illustrating the consequences of leaving a dog inside a car in warm weather, even for the quickest errand. Credit: PETA

This afternoon, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals posted a video of NFL star Tyrann Mathieu roasting in a hot car. The warning: Don’t leave your pets in your vehicle, even with the windows rolled down a little, on a hot day. Enclosed spaces get hot quickly, and a dog can suffocate in a matter of minutes. (Also, in Maine it’s against the law to confine animals for certain lengths of time.)

Mathieu only lasts eight minutes before he opens the door to escape what becomes 120-degree heat. A dog doesn’t have the luxury of fingers and a thumb.


Erin Rhoda

Erin Rhoda is the editor of Maine Focus, a team that conducts journalism investigations and projects at the Bangor Daily News. She also writes for the newspaper, often centering her work on issues of sexual...