Ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek has broken the record for fastest Appalachian Trail hike, set by in 2011, by more than three hours. Jurek first climbed above Katahdin’s treeline around noon.

Jurek, who began his 2,180-mile journey north May 27 from Springer Mountain in Georgia, finished his trek in 46 days 8 hours 8 minutes, beating the previous record of 46 days 11 hours 20 minutes, which long-distance runner Jennifer Pharr Davis set in 2011. He had until 5:15 p.m. to get to Baxter Peak.

Last night, around 11 p.m., Jurek, who arrived in Maine on July 5, tweeted that he got his first look at Maine’s highest mountain. According to Delorme, which provided online updates of his progress, Jurek left the 100-Mile Wilderness and got onto the Golden Road early this morning.

People from across the country and world took to social media Sunday to cheer on Jurek during the final leg of the journey.

The Appalachian Trail record isn’t his first. In 2010, Jurek set the U.S. record for most miles run in 24 hours — 165.7 miles. He has also won the 153 mile Spartathlon, according to his website.


Appalachian Trail Day 46.5: Yes, this is happening. #SJAT15 #GeorgiaToMaine #EatAndRun


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