Each week the BDN Maine Outdoors team takes a look at different gear you might need for your next outdoor adventure. For this week’s Gear Bag, we looked at the Skratch Labs electrolyte mix.

What is it? Skratch Labs electrolyte mixes are something Ron Lawson, general manager of Triathlete Sports Inc., recommends for anyone looking to stay hydrated with something other than water while on longer runs or bike rides.

Why do I need it? With the heat increasing, staying hydrated is very important to make sure your body does not shut down. Sweating is our bodies natural way of cooling itself. However, if you are hydrating with just water on longer runs, you aren’t replacing the important electrolytes that you are sweating out. Skratch Labs electrolyte mixes can help combat that. Skratch Labs has developed a mix that is unlike your typical sports drink, in that it is made from all-natural ingredients and actually tastes good. Skratch Labs electrolyte mixes come in a variety of flavors.

How much does it cost? Skratch Labs electrolyte mixes come in two sizes: single servings for $1.95 each or a resealable 20-serving pouch for $19.50.

Where do I find it? Skratch Labs electrolyte mixes are available at Triathlete Sports Inc. in Bangor.

Ashley Conti

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