Viewers got to see a rare, and brutal, view of nature when a camera feed last week caught an eagle swooping in and snatching two baby osprey chicks from their Hog Island nest.

The live video feed has been running on, where nature lovers can watch some of their favorite animals go throughout their day in real-time.

This video was following two ospreys — Rachel and Steve — as they reared three baby chicks for the summer.

On Friday, an eagle abducted two baby chicks, named Big and Little, while the parent ospreys were momentarily away from the nest.

The video begins with one of the parent’s watching over the two baby chicks. The parent then flies away from the nest and in the edited video, an eagle plucks one of the chicks from the nest.

The parent then returns to find only one of the two baby chicks left in the nest, and flies off again. The eagle swoops back and takes advantage of the second absence to steal the remaining chick.

The abductions “shocked” viewers of the live feed, wrote National Audubon Society Vice President for Bird Conservation Stephen Kress.

“It’s natural to look for meaning and lessons in such a loss — and though it’s tough to witness, I reflect that some birds will live as others pass,” Kress wrote. “Each bird is just trying to say alive and rear its young. This cam has given us a remarkable window to see nature as few have seen it before.”