MILLINOCKET, Maine — Paul Williams wanted moose, and of course, here he found them.

The British Broadcasting Corp. producer of a tentatively titled new BBC program, “Changing Worlds,” on Tuesday ended five days filming moose and other wildlife in the woods around town and in Baxter State Park. Set to debut next year, the program will examine landscapes and animals and the changes they experience as the seasons change, Williams said.

Maine will have a featured role in the segments on the trees of New England and how they change throughout the year. Williams will also shoot landscapes and animals in Africa and the Arctic Circle to complete the series, he said.

Filming a moose was a big part of his crew’s adventure in Maine, he said, calling them an “iconic New England and American animal.” The moose were also part of why Williams chose Maine as a place to visit.

“We managed to film calves emerging from the forest for the first time,” Williams said Tuesday. “You have to be in the right place at the right time and keep quiet.”

Williams was also familiar with Maine, having visited twice before, to shoot lynx and white-tail deer north of Presque Isle, he said.

Photographer and gift shop owner Anita Mueller acted as a visuals guide during his stay. Also a Town Council member, Mueller said she helped Williams and his crew find good spots to work.

“It gets me out in the woods,” Mueller said of her work. “The more time you are out there, the more you learn. It’s just fascinating. All kinds of neat little symbiotic relationships are going on. It’s cool.”

Williams plans on returning to Maine this fall to shoot the leaves and, perhaps, to capture images of more moose. Williams has shot several outdoors shows, including “How Earth Made Us,” “Secrets of Our Living Planet” and “Life In Cold Blood,” and thinks he knows why audiences appreciate them.

“We offer them insight into the wonders of the natural world and things that would be difficult to see,” Williams said. “We give people a window into a different world.”