LINCOLN, Maine — Town leaders will not be evicting 10 families who live in a mobile home park the town acquired in a tax foreclosure three months ago, they said Monday.

“There will be no eviction,” Town Manager Ron Weatherbee told Orchard Mobile Home Park tenants during a Town Council meeting. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

The only official to address the issue during the meeting, Weatherbee said that he is confident that “we can come up with something soon,” possibly as early as next week.

At least 13 potential new owners have expressed interest in buying the park, council Chairman Steve Clay said after the meeting. That number is up from eight potential buyers on Friday.

The town assumed ownership of the 11-home park off Grindel Street on March 10 because of nonpayment of about $31,000 in tax and water bills. Town officials became aware of the complexities of the situation when water department officials told them on May 29 that the 10 families would have their water shut off on June 1 due to nonpayment.

Councilors and Weatherbee intervened on the tenants’ behalf, and the town’s water department has promised to delay collection until July 1. That combined with Weatherbee’s assurance on Monday seemed to be a relief to the dozen tenants who attended the meeting.

“It’s what I figured would happen,” said tenant Kaitlyn Moran, who lives in the park with her fiance, Justin Adams. “Now we just have to wait and see who buys it and what’s next.”

Adams said he collected enough money from the tenants to pay the overdue bill. Several issues remain, such an apparent dispute between tenants and their former landlord, who said he collected rent as recently as last month.

Clay said after the meeting that councilors are primarily concerned with ensuring that tenants get a new landlord as soon as possible.

“We are trying to resolve the problem of the town being their landlord,” Clay said.

He declined to comment further.