Credit: Pattie Reaves | BDN

Maine has plenty of towns named for countries and other (more famous) cities. You’ve probably seen that famous signpost in Lynchville that shows the names and distances of Maine towns named for exotic places.

When we started the idea for this quiz, we thought we’d include the famous cities, too — like Paris, Naples and Vienna — but the fact is, there are many, many Maine towns named for a much larger place. According to a 1988 New York Times article, Mainers at the start of the 19th century chose names for their towns after places fighting for their independence, a cause we admired.

By our count, there are eight towns in Maine that share the names of countries exactly. (Columbia didn’t make the list because it isn’t spelled the same way as the country, and Egypt is a village, not a town). Can you name them all?


Pattie Reaves

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