From white to green to brown, colored eggs at Menagerie Farm in Vasselboro are organic and fresh. Credit: Kathleen Pierce | BDN

You might have noticed that it’s almost impossible to peel the shells off your farm-fresh, hard-boiled eggs.

Store-bought eggs are packaged later, which allows an air bubble to form between the shell and the egg, according to City Girl Farming. That makes them easier to peel.

When an egg is laid, it has a tiny air bubble inside. That air bubble grows as the egg ages, causing the eggs contents to [separate] from [its] shell. The size of the air bubble inside the egg determines the age of the egg. For instance, a AA grade egg requires that the air bubble be less than 1/8 of an inch, where as a B grade egg has no limit to the size the air bubble can be.

The larger the air bubble, the older the egg and the easier it is to peel.

One secret to making perfect hard-boiled eggs, as it turns out, is not to hard-boil them, at all.

You can follow the advice in the video above and steam them instead. (This video also has some incidental parenting tips.)

You can also try pricking the egg shell with a thumb tack, according to Grace from Queen of The Red Doublewide

And City Girl Farming has three different ideas: including just waiting three weeks for the eggs to age.

Have you ever run into this? What do you do?

Dan MacLeod

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