A 1,000 foot water slide is coming to Portland this summer.

Slide the City, a company that brings waterslide events to cities around the country, got the go ahead from the Portland City Council to convert the Northbound lanes of Franklin Street to a giant waterslide on August 1.

Slide the City launched last year, according to a short profile in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and will visit more than 150 cities this year. The plan is that they roll out a vinyl track, penned in by inflatable bumpers and wetted for sliding, for the event. Participants ride an inflatable tube down a rope.

For $25 the day of the event — discounts are offered on all entry packages for those who buy their tickets in advance — attendees get what’s called “single slider” admission, good for one trip down the slide, as well as a free water gun and mouth guard.

For more information, check out Slide the City’s website.

Pattie Reaves

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