DAYTON, Maine — State Police said they are investigating a slow emergency response time complaint following an apparent break-in on Friday.

The incident happened at Little Hands Big Hearts, a family day care center in Dayton, while six kids and two staff members were inside.

Jennifer Tomah of Saco said her daughter was one of the children at the center on Friday. “I immediately left work and came right over,” she said.

Staff members notified parents and the owner, who was out of town, and called 911.

“You could see the footprints all over the floor and that they left the cupboard doors open,” said Julianne Dolbec, owner of Little Hands Big Hearts.

Tomah and staff members said they waited anxiously for Maine State Police to arrive on scene. According to the center’s owner, it took approximately 2.5 hours. Tomah claims a dispatcher told her troopers were busy.

On Sunday, a Maine State Police Lieutenant told CBS 13 News an investigation is underway. Police are looking into Tomah’s complaint about the response time.

“I’m happy they’re taking initiative to figure out what happened. It still doesn’t make what happened OK,” said Tomah.

Dayton doesn’t have its own police force. State police cover the small town.

“If that was the case that they were busy and they were involved in another situation maybe this is a wake-up call that you need more help,” said Tomah.

Meanwhile, the owner said she’ll work to prevent a similar situation from happening again. The doors weren’t locked. It’s been that way during the day in the past, according to the center’s owner. She hasn’t had any previous issues.

“We will take notice on those doors being locked from now on,” Dolbec said.

CBS 13 News reached out to the trooper who responded to the child care center on Friday. He wouldn’t comment on this situation.