YORK, Maine — The York High School principal is warning parents about a new app students might be using to share nude pictures of other students.

Principal Bob Stevens said he first became aware of the activity this week from school counselors. They heard female students might be sending pictures to their boyfriends.

“Rumors started to circulate that some of our kids might have participated in it,” Sevens said.

The school sent the information in an email to parents right away.

“I was really surprised,” parent Cheryl Patten said.

At the center of the problem is a new app called Sip – campus pics and vids, through which you can post content anonymously.

“There’s nothing illegal in terms of what the companies are doing,” Stevens said. “It’s just another challenge for us on the front lines that see that harm can come from it.”

Stevens said he doesn’t have confirmed cases of nude pictures being shared — just word of mouth.

Junior Katie Patten heard the rumors too and downloaded the app to find out.

“I saw the boys deciding on times that they were going to all post,” Patten said. “It’s usually around 10 or 11 p.m. And then I saw a bunch of names of girls in the school, saying, like, ‘someone post this person, someone post this person and I’ll post this person.’”

Patten said she stayed on to see whether the posts actually showed up.

“I saw a lot of stuff. It actually did happen, and it was disgusting,” Patten said.

“I can’t believe the disrespect,” her mother, Cheryl Patten, added. “I can’t even believe they’re out there to begin with.”

In Maine, it’s illegal to distribute nude or sexually explicit images of a minor.

Stevens said if it is happening, he’s concerned for those sending the pictures and those sharing them.

“If you download something like that and worse, you distribute it, then you’re guilty of a crime,” he said.