GORHAM, Maine — A Gorham man is in the middle of a drone dispute. The Federal Aviation Administration is saying he needs to stop what he’s doing, but he feels he’s done nothing wrong.

Steve Girard created a side company called Xtreme Aerial View in order to make some extra money. Girard uses a quadcopter to take aerial pictures and videos for real estate, weddings and more.

Girard said last week someone from the FAA called, left a voicemail and told him to stop and shut down his website because his commercial use of the drone was against the rules.

Girard said he contacted a few legal experts who believe the FAA is overreaching and may be violating his First Amendment right.

“Let us do what we want to do and do it safe. If we do something out of line, well just get some fines or licenses. That’s what we need,” said Girard.

The FAA is currently working on approving proposed regulations. It could be another year a set list of restrictions is finalized.