Bangor retirement community

In April of 2013, I had a heart attack. Being retired and living in a really remote area of Maine, I wanted to be closer to hospitals. I searched for the best retirement community in the U.S. Bangor was in the top 10, so we decided to move here.

For us, it has been a perfect fit. The low crime rate, available apartments, shopping centers, the Bangor Library and the arts. The Hammond Street Senior Center has made our retirement especially enjoyable. I like to keep busy and so when I notice the center’s needs, it makes me feel good to volunteer and help where I can.

Bonnie Marble


Citizens against puppy mills

LD 335 is “An Act To Prohibit The Sales Of Dogs And Cats In Pet Shops.” This bill will prohibit Maine pet shops from selling puppies and kittens that have not been born and raised by the pet shop proprietor. The prohibition does not apply to a public or private charitable nonprofit shelter, humane society, or rescue organization, a pet shop where a dog or cat owned by a public or private organization exempted by the law is being offered for adoption or a pet shop that is selling a cat or dog that was born and raised by the owner of the pet shop in a separate facility.

Documents obtained from the Maine Department of Animal Welfare have shown 95 percent of all pups and kittens sold in our Maine pet shops are obtained from out of state, inhumane large scale breeding facilities (puppy mills) where the parents are kept in unsanitary cages, without nutritious food, veterinary care and protection from the elements. Many breeders with repeat violations and many not licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

I urge everyone reading this to please take a moment and contact the committee of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry as the hearings for this proposed bill will start very soon. You may contact them at: The phone number for each state representatives is 1-800-423-2900 and state senators 1-800-423-6900.

Please join Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills on Facebook to get more information.

Robin Stoddard Graham

Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills


Slavery and immigration

The Feb. 13 Bloomberg OpEd, “Blame a baby boomer for illegal immigration” is partly accurate. But the fact is, most baby boomers never hired an illegal immigrant. We’re innocent. Most of us cleaned our own bathrooms, cooked our own meals, mowed our lawns and raised our kids.

It was the wealthy two-wage couples, like the Washington power elites in the Clinton administration who had to withdraw their applications for U.S. attorney general because they hired illegal immigrants. Powerful couples, and their business lobbies, who depended on cheap illegal labor, felt entitled to thumb their nose at immigration laws. They dominate Washington today, and they’ve effectively dismantled federal immigration enforcement. More than 10 million illegal immigrants have arrived, even after quadrupling legal immigration.

We’ve been down this road before. Cheap labor will always “make the economy grow.” So did slavery. But the difference is this: Slave owners had to provide housing, food, healthcare and training to their workers. The Washington power elite have dumped those costs on the American taxpayer. Millions work at low wages for the elites, and we taxpayers pick up the tab for public housing, food stamps, and healthcare.

So what values should guide us? We already know that cheap labor, cheap oil, and cheap money will make the economy grow. No surprise. But they aren’t really cheap. In the end, we pay.

Jonette Christian

Mainers for Sensible Immigration Policy


Caller black list

You have just sat down to supper and the phone rings and it is one of those pesky robo calls wanting to give you information on a new knee brace or whatever they are trying to get you to spend money on. Recently, I became aware of a method to block these calls, utilizing something called *60. I eagerly tried it with my phone and got a busy signal. After a couple of days I went to the Time Warner website and put in do not call and got a lot of information.

You have to have an account and then you need to set it up to block calls. The first option is to enter the phone number from caller ID of the party that called and it will be blocked (black list). The second option is to enter the phone numbers of people you desire to hear from and all others will be blocked (white list).

I have started with the black list and so far I have had good results. The ones I still do hear from get added to the list. To see if *60 works with other carriers, check your phone companies’ web site or call customer service. Customer service itself may say they don’t know how to do it so ask for tech support.

In about a year, I may switch to the White list so I don’t get asked several times a day who I plan to vote for in the upcoming election. As far as free speech goes I am all for it but may not necessarily want to be “harassed” multiple times a day with election polling.

David Hastings