TOPSHAM, Maine — A man hit by a car during Friday’s storm is in crutches and police are looking for the driver.

Dalton Burke told CBS 13 News that he and his coworkers pulled over on Main Street to direct traffic Friday when roads were covered in snow and difficult to see. Burke said the driver of a silver Volkswagen hatchback hit him then continued on. “I yelled out that she had hit me and she needed to stop, but she just kept going,” Burke said. Burke says the driver had pinned him against his truck.

Burke suffered a fractured spine. He can’t walk without crutches and he can’t work until he can stand on his own two feet again. His father says the injuries are taking a toll on his family. “Anyone who has kids knows what that’s like; you get that call and you just have no idea what’s happening until you get there and see for yourself,” David Burke said.