WARREN, Maine — Faced with legal challenges throughout the year, selectmen are scheduled to shift money around to help pay for more than $10,000 in additional lawyers’ fees.

The selectmen were scheduled to meet Monday evening to transfer money from the town’s contingency account to cover overruns in the legal budget, according to Town Manager Elaine Clark.

The town budgeted $30,000 for legal expenses in 2014 and through Dec. 1 had incurred $11,435 more than that budget, Clark said Monday. She said that amount would increase before Dec. 31.

The overrun will be covered from the contingency fund that stands at $28,000, Clark said.

The latest legal cost for the town involves a notice of intent to sue by public works supervisor Doug Gammon. Gammon has stated that Michael York, the chairman of the board of selectmen, punched him during a dispute last month. York has denied the accusation.

Other legal matters for which the town incurred legal expenses this year were the now resolved CRC Health Group lawsuit over a proposed methadone project, a legal dispute with a paving company, work on a contract to clean up the former Steamship Navigation rifle range property, work on the sale of the former brick schoolhouse, labor negotiations and various personnel matters.

The town’s insurance company covered the $495,000 settlement with CRC Health. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection signed a contract in October with Triumvirate Environmental Inc. of Somerville, Massachusetts, to remove 27,000 tons of fiber materials. The removal is scheduled to begin in April. The former school was sold to the neighboring Warren Baptist Church.