MONMOUTH, Maine — Quick thinking and quick action Saturday morning helped to minimize the damage caused when a train engine caught on fire, according to Monmouth Fire Chief Dan Roy.

The train, which had three engines and 80 cars, was heading south through Monmouth when it started to lose power at about 7 a.m., Roy said. One of the engineers got off and saw smoke coming from one of the engines. The conductor was able to detach the 80 cars and the other two engines, essentially isolating the burning engine at the railroad crossing at Berry Road. Then they called for help.

“The conductor had made a good decision,” Roy said Saturday afternoon. “It made it easy access for the firefighters.”

He said that four trucks and about 26 firefighters responded from the town’s fire department. They were able to knock down the fire in less than half an hour, he said, but firefighters stayed for another two hours to put out the hot spots. Roy said that a preliminary inspection of the scene showed the fire originated in the compartments that housed the engine’s generator and electrical components.

“It was very difficult to access the areas that were on fire,” he said. “I was pretty impressed by my crew. We had one engine fire decades ago. It’s not a common occurrence and not one we normally train for, no pun intended.”

He said that when firefighters removed panels to extinguish the fire, the oxygen added to the heavy fire inside the engine. While crews worked to put it out, vehicle traffic was diverted from Berry Road, Roy said.

No one was injured in the blaze.