LINCOLN, Maine — Town and state officials said Wednesday that they hope to begin a $1.8 million widening of West Broadway by fall 2015. They said it will effectively free nearly 254 acres for business development along that road.

Town leaders and town traffic consultant David Cole met with Maine Department of Transportation Traffic Engineer Steve Landry on Tuesday. The meeting was the first in a series that will create a partnership contract between the DOT and the town, Town Manager Ron Weatherbee said.

Weatherbee said he hopes to have the contract ready for review when the Town Council meets on Jan. 12.

“It is just starting to move along, but everybody seems cooperative,” Weatherbee said Wednesday.

“Everybody I have talked to with this one has said they want a good traffic management plan to ensure that people can get in and out of their businesses when construction starts,” said David Cole, a former DOT commissioner who owns David Cole Consulting of Brewer. “I think it will be fairly straightforward.”

Town leaders hope to use tax-increment financing money and road impact fees levied to businesses that would move onto the road to pay $1.2 million. The DOT will pay $600,000. The project budget will have no affect on the town’s property tax rate, officials said.

The project would establish a center turning lane from the Hannaford Supermarket lot to Penobscot Valley Avenue. It covers about a mile of West Broadway, which is one of the town’s main business arteries.

The project will broaden Lincoln’s appeal as a service hub and improve road safety, said Cole.