No one won the “Where in the Woods Am I?” game for Davidson Nature Preserve in Vassalboro in November 2014 given these verbal clues and the following gallery of photos:

I wore shorts on Thursday to go hiking with Derek and our dog, Oreo. It was a beautiful, sunny fall day … And now, just a few days later, I’m wearing snow boots and mittens.

That was one crazy weekend snowstorm. Many of my co-workers still don’t have power; they came to the office wearing baseball caps to hide their un-showered hair. Schools were canceled, so we also have some children running around the office. Things are a bit unusual here at the BDN, but it’s Monday, nevertheless. And with that comes Monday’s outdoorsy guessing game…

See if you recognize where Derek, Oreo and I hiked before the storm by viewing some of the photos I took. The hike (or walk, really) was in a small preserve, so I’ve included a photo of a sign to help you out. Leave your best guesses in the comment section below. Winner gets a high five and a mention in the updated post! And as always, stay tuned for tomorrow’s “1-minute hike” video and writeup of the little adventure.


Aislinn Sarnacki

Aislinn Sarnacki is the BDN Act Out editor, focusing on outdoor recreation and Maine wildlife. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter: @1minhikegirl, and Instagram:...