PARIS, Maine — A West Paris woman convicted of manslaughter for a car crash that killed two teenagers has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Kristina Lowe, 21, was sentenced in Oxford County Superior Court on Wednesday.

Lowe was behind the wheel on January 7, 2012, on Route 219 in West Paris when prosecutors said she looked down at a text message on her phone and lost control, crashing and killing passengers Rebecca Mason, 16, and Logan Dam, 19.

Lowe and another passenger, Jacob Skaff of South Paris, both were seriously injured. In May of this year, a jury found Lowe guilty of two counts of manslaughter and one count of leaving the scene of an accident.

Near the end of the hours-long, emotional hearing Wednesday, Lowe broke her silence and apologized for the first time.

“I’m sorry,” she said through tears. “To all the family and friends.”

It was too little, too late for the families of Mason and Dam.

“My heart hurts and it’s heavy every single day and the pain’s not gonna just end,” said Dam’s mother, Deb Sande.

“You and you alone are responsible for this,” said Rebecca’s father, Jerrold Mason, to Lowe during his victim impact statement. “Damn you for wrecking my life.”

Lowe has been free on bail since the crash, and has a daughter, Mady, 1. Prosecutors questioned her motives for getting pregnant.

“At the very least, it shows poor choice, poor judgement,” Assistant District Attorney Joseph O’Connor said.

Several of Lowe’s family members stood up to say that while she may have made a mistake as a teen, she’s now a loving mother and studying to be a nurse.

“She’s the kind of person who deserves forgiveness and a second chance,” said her sister, Cassidy Lowe.

“I’ve always grieved for the families,” Lowe said. “When I had my daughter, I understood what it meant to be a parent, and a parent’s love.”

“We think the judge was fair and we accept the responsibility of what he’s handed down and we’ll move on,” said Skip Stanley, Lowe’s stepfather.

Lowe remains free on bail, pending an appeal.