Smile for the camera

The media news surrounding the Ray Rice incident has yet to mention a side story that could be written. If I were a news reporter I’d title it “Smile, you are on camera.” The Sept. 11 front page story “Will recordings damage personal politics in Maine?” touched on it somewhat, as did the story about the sex offender snapping a photo of a young boy in a restroom.

As we go about our daily business, we should all be aware that the camera is rolling in one form or another. One estimate says that video cameras record the average person who is out and about at least 200 times a day. I think it’s more but you get the point

We hate it when the unblinking eye of the video camera catches us doing something we should not be doing, or saying something we wish we’d not said. On the flip side, we are grateful that a recording backs up our story that we were “right,” were not at fault or did nothing wrong.

Some will say it’s Big Brother watching. Maybe so, but sometimes it’s the person standing next to you or a passerby who happens to have a cell phone. Can it be abused? Absolutely! We need to be vigilant for that abuse. Personally, I think it encourages accountability and honesty, which seems to be in short supply today but that’s just my opinion. Now smile.

David Winslow


Bellows vote

I am a grandmother with three beautiful grandchildren and several more foster grandchildren growing up in Maine. The most important campaign issue for me is climate change and how it will affect their future. There are dire consequences for our planet if we fail to act boldly and immediately to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and convert to clean energy. Yet our so-called “moderate” senator, Susan Collins, has demonstrated over and over again her disregard for our endangered earth.

Her stated position against a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, and her willingness to take campaign contributions from big money like the Koch brothers and oil companies, shows me that her loyalties are not with the people of Maine. I personally collected signatures at the last election on just such an amendment, and voters overwhelmingly supported the idea — Republicans, independents, and Democrats alike. The people of this country want to get big money out of politics.

We need to say goodbye to Collins. We need Shenna Bellows in the U.S. Senate. She will vote for my children and grandchildren’s future and for our planet earth.

Nancy Davis

Owls Head

America Beheaded?

Our U.S. military always prevents the “ultimate end,” whenever Satan pursues its evil trend.

But now the Golfer In Chief has no strategy in place. No plan to preserve the Christian race.

Instead, the news media reports a golfing ploy, while ISIS is beheading Americans.

Our country is being destroyed from within. President Obama’s telling all extremists “Come right on in, our borders are an open door, and prisons have inmates that teach hate.” Obama can’t see because he’s vacationing or asleep, with a cabinet of wolves guarding the sheep.

This Commander in Chief has no resolve, no strategy to fight, while ISIS is as evil as the 1940 Nazi’s Third Reich. Our present debt of $17 trillion puts our country in crisis. The USA has the most powerful military in the world. It’s past time we allowed the American Eagle to unfurl.

Rowland V. Gilbert Sr.



Cutler for Maine

I am writing in response to Sam Gath’s Sept. 10 letter “Job creation in China.” I found the piece to be uninformed and reminiscent of the Democratic playbook from the 2010 election. While I was living in China, I knew Eliot Cutler and his work focused on stimulating Chinese investment in the U.S. and in opening up new markets in China.

Since the election in 2010, the Chinese market for such products as Maine lobsters has grown four-fold. Rising household income, concerns over the environment and food safety have also led to an increase in the number of Chinese interested in U.S. schools and investment opportunities in the U.S.

At the same time, rising wages and changes in the exchange rates have many U.S. and Chinese companies looking at locating manufacturing back in the states.The question for Maine voters is who is going to work hardest/smartest to get these dollars?

Compared to our other New England neighbors, Maine has only succeeded in attracting a small fraction of what it could if the state put in place more effective measures to build brand in China and stimulate long term economic and cultural exchange programs.

Sen. Angus King is supporting Cutler because he believes, as I do, that he is the best candidate qualified for the job not only because he understands the challenges that Maine faces but because he has proposed concrete solutions, inclusive of plans to tap the immense opportunity that Maine has to grow the Chinese market.

Tony Kieffer


Clean election

The effort to challenge the Supreme Court decisions that brought an avalanche of secret money into our elections was defeated in the Senate last Thursday, and one of our senators, Susan Collins, was among the Republicans who prevented passage of this constitutional amendment proposal that all Democrats supported. (Never mind Collins’s empty gesture earlier in the week to bring the amendment proposal to the floor for debate.)

Voters who have participated in the movement to reverse the damage done to election campaigns by recent Supreme Court decisions should not despair. A constitutional amendment may not be possible, but it is possible to make good decisions about the people we elect to represent us on this issue in Washington and Augusta. It is necessary to read Sen. Angus King’s statement on “clean elections” and to let his ideas guide us in electing our senators and representatives on Nov. 4. It is important to remember that Collins earlier in her career supported clean elections. Now she is following a different kind of drummer, a different kind of Republican Party.

On Nov. 4, we can also come out strongly in support of our clean elections system in Maine by signing the “Initiative to Strengthen the Maine Clean Election Act.” Go to for information and to volunteer.

Carmen Lavertu