VINALHAVEN, Maine — A lobster boat was swamped Tuesday morning after it struck rocks.

The two teens aboard the 22-foot outboard-motor-powered boat managed to don survival suits and safely made it to shore.

The boat, belonging to 17-year-old Kaleb Dyer, was in the vicinity of an area known as the Basin, Maine Marine Patrol Sgt. Matthew Talbot said. That area is known to have swift currents and rocks as part of a deep-water cove, Talbot said.

The boat was pulled into the entrance of the cove during the incoming tide, struck one of the rocks, was turned around and ended up going onto its side on the rocks. The boat flooded and swamped, Talbot said.

The two donned survival suits, Vinalhaven Fire Chief Marc Candage said. The boat was about 30 feet from shore, and the pair was able to throw a rope to people who arrived on shore. The boat was tied off, and Dyer and his sternman, Elijah Ames, were able to hold onto the line and make it to shore.

Other fishermen in their outboard boats arrived quickly and managed to collect gear that floated free of Dyer’s boat, the chief said. The fire department sent a crew by land as well as by boat to assist in the rescue.

The boat was towed to shore. The chief said he did not know the extent of damage to the vessel.

The incident began at about 9:30 a.m.

Watch for updates.