ROCKLAND, Maine — A serial rapist convicted in 2011 of sexually assaulting a Rockport woman at knifepoint will not get a new trial.

Bradley Lemay, 48, claimed that he received ineffective counsel from attorney Christopher McLean during his trial and sentencing three years ago. Justice Jeffrey Hjelm rejected those arguments, however, in his order released Tuesday from Knox County Superior Court.

Lemay argued at a June hearing on the new trial request, through his new attorney Justin Andrus, that MacLean had failed to question a prosecution witness about inappropriate sexual behavior by the victim.

Hjelm ruled that this evidence was not admissible in court and that even if it had been allowed to be presented to the jury it would not have been relevant to the actions by Lemay in the criminal cases.

The serial rapist also claimed that his former attorney had not prepared adequately for the sentencing hearing. Hjelm also rejected that claim.

Hjelm sentenced Lemay to 55 years in prison in June 2011.

A Knox County Superior Court jury convicted Lemay of five charges related to the attack, including gross sexual assault, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, eluding police and tampering with a victim.

It was the third rape conviction for Lemay, who had spent more than two decades in prison for kidnapping and sex crimes that began when he was a juvenile.

At the appeal hearing earlier this year Lemay, who did not testify in the 2011 trial, said he was not a monster and was a good person.