APPLETON, Maine — After defeating a proposed 2014-15 school budget last month, Appleton residents voted 65-9 at Tuesday’s special town meeting to approve a smaller increase over last year in their portion of the Union 69 budget.

Voters must still approve the proposed $1.12 million budget by written ballot at a school budget referendum on July 29.

Residents of Lincolnville and Hope, the other two towns served in Union 69, approved their portion of the budget in June.

Although Appleton residents approved a $1.18 million budget at a special town meeting in May, they defeated it during the ratification referendum on June 10, according to Donald Burke, chairman of the Appleton Board of Selectmen.

The higher figure would have included a $104,800 increase over the 2013-14 budget, Burke said. The Appleton School Committee then revised the budget to include a lesser increase of $51,580, Burke said.

Burke was unsure what cuts were made to arrive at the lesser figure. Union 69 Superintendent Nancy J. Weed and bookkeeper Joya Maynard were out of the office on Thursday and unavailable for comment. School board chairman Deborah Keiran’s phone number is unlisted, and Liz Sullivan, a school board member, declined to comment on the vote.

Union 69 includes the towns of Appleton, Lincolnville and Hope, and it operates one school in each town to educate students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Secondary school students are served by the Five Town CSD, which also includes Camden and Rockport.