March 22, 2019
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014: Climate crisis, bear persuasion, comeback Cutler

Vote Fulford

As a science teacher, registered Maine Guide and parent, I am concerned about the effect that global climate change is having on the world in general, and on Maine in particular. I see species ranges changing, invasive species intruding, and worldwide damage resulting from the rising intensity of storms, floods, droughts and fires. These changes are escalating.

A hard economic blow is predicted. A group of business people, including the former secretary of the treasury under George W. Bush, has done a business-based risk analysis of the economic effects if we do nothing different. The results terrify me. Annual costs from storm damage alone over a 20 year period may incur, for Maine, losses “most likely” of around a quarter of a billion dollars. And that doesn’t count costs of changes in labor productivity or the other factors the risk assessment studied. The report is at

So what is state government doing? “Head in the sand,” politely, but worse. The current administration, supported in the Legislature by Republican leaders like Sen. Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport, is blocking the way of alternative energy development, for example, preferring to support a multibillion dollar fossil fuel pipeline that Maine taxpayers will have to help pay for.

Democrat Jonathan Fulford of Monroe supports the development of alternative energy in Maine and other steps to reduce the impact of global climate crisis for our children and our world. I will be voting for him for state Senate for Waldo County in November.

Cloe Chunn


Bear information

I like the BDN’s recent publishing of letters to the editor and OpEds regarding bear hunting. I am an upland game hunter, not a bear hunter. I have carefully read the recent articles by those for and against the current baiting, trapping and hounding of bears. The recent OpEd by Joel Gibbs in the July 17 BDN showing that a real hunter could kill 25 bears in as many years by tracking and knowing the habits of bears convinced me that there is no need for the current practices. The only credible reason to continue those practices is to provide income for guides and lodges. If the information from the West Coast is correct, that reason doesn’t hold water.

William Babson Jr.


Repeal or reform

There have been so many exceptions to the health care reform law made by President Barack Obama’s executive actions, that for the Bangor Daily News to say it is working in a July 16 editorial is laughable. It is only working by bypassing Congress and through presidential fiat.

The editorial has conveniently ignored the 2.6 million people who lost their individual policie s through the enactment of Obamacare and the many others who have had their premiums raised to unconscionable and unaffordable levels to acquire new policies. That’s working?

And then there are the tax subsidies necessary to finance an average $99 a month policy in Maine and $82 average in other states paid for by taxpayers while they are paying for their own insurance as well. The only good feature of it is that preexisting conditions can now be covered.

It should be repealed or, at the minimum, seriously reformed.

Bob Roxbrough


Comeback kid

I am writing in support of Eliot Cutler’s candidacy to be Maine’s next governor because I believe him to be the best suited for the job of those currently running. I supported him in his previous run for the Blaine House in 2010, and have been very impressed by the outreach he and his organization have kept up in the interim years between campaigns. Their focus on civility and nonpartisan political discourse has already advanced the climate for progress in returning our electoral process to some measure of sanity.

Cutler’s experience working under Edmund Muskie’s tutelage in helping to craft some of our nation’s watershed environmental legislation, as well as his successful business career, has left him well prepared to assume the reins of Maine’s state government and guide it to a new day in meeting the needs of Maine’s people.

In the last four years, Cutler has worked to gain an increasing understanding and appreciation of Maine’s economy and what is needed to stimulate business ventures both large and small, as he has worked with his partners to form two companies that have marketed Maine-branded seafood products to Asia. These companies employ Mainers and deal in Maine’s maritime resources, in a true win-win scenario for our state.

I believe that Cutler’s experience and expertise as an entrepreneur make him the people’s choice to lead Maine to a new era of sustainable economic development that will truly make us the “comeback story of the century.”

Christopher Groden


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