SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — Marine researchers say they’re getting numerous reports of jellyfish washed up on beaches along the Maine coast.

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute says jellyfish are not typically studied in Maine, however they have been receiving many more reports of jellyfish than they typically receive.

Dr. Andrew Pershing of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute says researchers noticed them in June when warmer water came into the region and they’ve since stuck around.

Many people along Maine’s beaches say they’ve noticed them.

“I don’t remember seeing them in the past and I go to the beach pretty often, so a little out of the ordinary,” said Liz Johnson of South Portland. “A lot of people have been saying it’s a trend as ocean temperatures increase, it sounds like that’s maybe ultimately what’s going to happen.”

Dr. Pershing says the small, clear jellyfish in the area aren’t powerful enough to sting. He says the larger pinkish, purple jellyfish in the area can sting, however the sting is weaker than a bee sting.