Maine’s first lady to skydive with disabled veteran

Posted July 15, 2014, at 2:24 p.m.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Ann LePage, the wife of Maine Gov. Paul LePage, has plans to jump out of a plane next month for her favorite cause: veterans.

She will be skydiving with members of an all-veteran parachute team, as well as with veteran Travis Mills, a quadruple amputee who will be making his second jump since his devastating incident occurred in Afghanistan in April of 2012.

LePage says she’ll be scared, but she’ll jump if Travis does.

“I have a fear of heights,” she said Tuesday. “I will get on the third rung of a ladder, and I won’t go any higher.”

However, she said she is determined to go anyway.

“You’ll be fine,” Mills told LePage. “Gravity’s going to take place. It happens.”

He and LePage will jump in tandem, each strapped to a skydiver.

The jump is scheduled for Aug. 9 as part of Freedom Fest 2014, a Fort Kent-based fundraising event for the Northern Maine Veterans Museum & Community Center.

Though Ann LePage plans to jump, she won’t be joined by her husband. He’ll watch from the ground, she said.

“He thinks I’m out of my mind, but he knows he can’t stop me,” she said.