Reports of sexual assault have increased at the University of Maine in Orono: There were fewer than 10 per year until 2013 when there were more than 30. That’s probably a good thing; universities should want more people coming forward to seek help.

But what about the response to those disclosures? Did the students want to proceed with the disciplinary process? How were offending students punished?

The BDN requested that information and got the results of cases involving sexual violence, harassment, stalking, hazing, intimidation and physical assault among students between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2014. Of the 62 reported cases, 47 students were found responsible for violations through the school’s hearing process.

In those five years, one student was expelled, and eight were suspended. Most punishments included probation, required meetings with school officials, no-contact orders and the completion of community or education-related projects.

Were those punishments sufficient? Read about it here: “Does UMaine hold students accountable for sexual assaults on campus?

Erin Rhoda

Erin Rhoda is the editor of Maine Focus, a team that conducts journalism investigations and projects at the Bangor Daily News. She also writes for the newspaper, often centering her work on issues of sexual...