Think before you vote

There’s a controversy in our town about wind turbines, and we can put it to rest if people vote on both June 10 and July 1.

I served on the Clifton select board for five years, and during that time the request came before the planning board to install wind turbines on Pisgah Mountain. Because I knew very little about their effect, I called Freedom ( three turbines) and Mars Hill ( 28 turbines) for information.

This is some of what I was told:

1. It is electricity with no air pollution and has been a boon to the town. In Freedom, taxes were lowered. Note: Clifton would receive $200,000 per year for 20 years, and it would choose how to use it.

2. At any distance over half a mile there is no negative effect.

3. Blades are slow moving.

4. There have been no medical complaints.

Many people in town have gotten embellished information about turbines. On Tuesday, people will vote whether to increase the setbacks for wind turbines to 4,000 feet from homes. A no vote means you do not accept this restrictive rule.

Think before you vote.

Penny Peasley


Support wide and varied

My reasons for supporting Troy Jackson for Congress are wide and varied. The most important issue we face in this primary election for the 2nd Congressional District is the corrupting influence of money. It puts a few moneyed individuals in a position to decide policy. The amount of money being spent from outside individuals and groups to defeat Jackson puts him in a position to understand the need for campaign finance reform. He has proven that he is the best advocate for the working people of Maine.

Women’s reproductive health should be a concern for everyone. I am confident that he will protect it, just as he did with the marriage equality issue. He listens and responds to the people he represents.

Jackson will also work to protect our state and planet from environmental threats. Last year I disagreed with the way State Sens. Emily Cain and Jackson voted on an environmental issue. I called both of them about it. It was Jackson who took and returned my calls. We had several conversations about the issue. He listened carefully and considered my concerns. He explained to me why he voted the way he did. Although we disagreed, I was certain his motivation for voting the way he did was out of concern for the people he represented and not his political ambition.

Vote Tuesday, June 10, for the person who best understands and best represents the values of the 2nd Congressional District. That person is Jackson.

Shelly Mountain


Money in politics

Volunteers will be collecting signatures at several local polling places at the Tuesday, June 10, primaries. One of the citizen’s initiatives is for a constitutional amendment to revoke corporate personhood and money as speech. Another is to strengthen Maine’s crucial Clean Elections Act, which has been under attack. Both initiatives are important to protect our democracy from the onslaught of large sums of money influencing our elections.

Please consider signing both.

Amy Hughes


Voting for a friend

As partisan battles become more bitter than ever, dysfunctional government is on the rise, and big money and lobbyists seemingly control policy and politics, one thing is clear: Maine needs an unwavering, committed advocate who will not stand down to interest groups and billionaires. In my view, State Sen. Troy Jackson is that advocate.

As a logger, Jackson knows the hard work it will take to get the job done for middle class and working class Mainers, and he will not back down to those who attempt to manipulate our Congress for big money and big business interests. In the State Senate, Jackson has worked hard to protect Democratic values that are far too important to compromise on, from Social Security to education and investment in Maine’s small towns.

While Jackson has been fighting for the hard-working people of his district and throughout Maine, his opponent, Emily Cain, has been busy compromising on budgets to give tax breaks to millionaires and large corporations.

To me, it’s clear: When Jackson gets to Congress, he will not back down, he will not roll over and he will fight only for the people who sent him there — middle and working class Mainers who desperately need a strong voice in Congress. Cain, on the other hand, will be another pawn in the great game of lobbyists and billionaire donors. She will back down on issues we simply cannot afford to compromise on.

When you vote for Jackson Tuesday, June 10, remember that you are voting for a friend, a true Mainer and most importantly an advocate.

Eamonn Dundon


Respect dignity of life

The BDN’s editorial endorsements for the candidates running for their party ticket for Maine’s 2nd District congressional election include comments rating their support for “choice.” Apparently, “choice” means abortion. Since Emily Cain is “unwavering” in her support of abortion, and Kevin Raye “at least” favors early-term abortion, the reader must conclude that the BDN sees unfettered use of abortion as best for women’s reproductive rights and well-being.

Maybe the BDN editor could clarify for those who wish to better understand the editorial stance. Please enlighten us. At just what stage does a human life merit the right to its earthly existence? And, pity poor Troy Jackson. He just hasn’t evolved quickly enough! Get hip, man, the feminist train has left without you. Seriously, may God help us and those we elect to respect the dignity given to each human life from it’s conception to natural death.

Donald Mendell


Troy Jackson for Maine

Occasionally in the world of politics an outstanding candidate appears. Today’s issues are urgent. There is a dire need for good, honest people to step forward to work hard on these crucial problems. This year, one candidate stands heads and shoulders above the rest. He comes from way up north and has been serving in Augusta for more than 10 years. He is Sen. Troy Jackson, D-Allagash.

Next Tuesday, June 10, when you go to vote, the clear winner for the 2nd Congressional District is Jackson. He is a good, solid voice for the woods, waters and well-being of the great state of Maine.

Carol Stirling


Vote for Troy

Sen. Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, is the best candidate for the 2nd Congressional District and an excellent replacement for U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, D-2nd District. They both valiantly fight for Mainers. Jackson is the majority leader of the Maine Senate. He’s a good listener, sincere, genuine, compassionate and truly understands the struggles Maine families face every day. He’s an honest politician and will not compromise his core Maine values.

We oppose ads attacking Jackson by out-of-state lobbyists, such as the League of Conservation Voters. Ads claiming Jackson supports Republicans who pollute the environment are false and misleading. The fact is, the Maine environment is extremely important to all Mainers, including Jackson. As a logger, his profession relies on a healthy environment.

Jackson’s campaign goals are to protect Social Security, raise the minimum wage and enact fair tax reform. A vote for Jackson sends a strong message to out-of-state lobbyists that Mainers will not listen to the negative ads and don’t want their elections influenced by out-of-state money.

Please vote for Jackson June 10. He supports labor and will honestly and fairly represent all Mainers.

Joseph and Michele Greenier

Stockton Springs

Jackson’s heart

On June 10, Maine Democrats have a choice who they want to represent them in the 2nd Congressional District being vacated by U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud. Up until a few days ago, I was undecided as to who I would support. I’ve always liked Emily Cain and her work in the Maine House and Senate as well as her defiance toward Gov. Paul LePage. On the other hand, I didn’t know much about Troy Jackson other than my own state senator was endorsing him, and he had served in the Legislature.

However, at the state Democratic convention in Bangor last week, I had the chance to talk with Jackson and listen to his moving speech. Jackson spoke from the heart about real life issues. That is something I personally value in a person and something, in my opinion, that is rare to hear from a politician. I had never felt so emotional and touched by someone’s words.

Jackson cares about the people of Maine and is determined to work as hard as he can to make things better for us. Coming from a poor family and working as a logger his entire life, he knows what it is like to struggle. I have never felt so strongly about anyone running for public office as I have with Jackson, and that is why I am supporting him. I encourage you to also join me in supporting him June 10.

Trevor Doiron


Emily Cain: Strength Through Compromise

Despite being a 17 year old high school student, I had the privilege of going to the Democratic State Convention last weekend and spent two exciting days listening to the candidates speak dynamically to a packed floor at the Cross Insurance Center. Emily Cain talked about her experiences in the Maine Legislature, advocating for a higher minimum wage, accepting federal funds for Medicaid expansion, supporting marriage equality and women’s health rights. She also talked about how compromise is needed in Washington. Her record shows that she knows how to walk away from a table, after sitting across from anyone on the other side of the aisle, with a deal that benefits her constituents.

Then Troy Jackson got up and talked primarily about how he wouldn’t compromise in Washington. He has criticized his opponent for working with the other party to make deals. Yet these deals have benefited the people of Maine.

For me, this made the case for Cain. She would work with anybody, no matter the odds, to come to compromises, even working out deals with the LePage administration, to make sure Maine people get the most out of the bargain possible. This is why I believe Democrats and all Mainers need to stand firmly behind Cain.

Toby Jones


Stand with Troy

During the state elections four years ago, lots of out of state money was spent to hurt good candidates, and it’s happening again. I was twelve and my dad was a State Senator. Enough money was squandered against him to provide over a quarter million meals to hungry Mainers, and to me the effect was personal. It seemed like everyday, mail arrived, attacking my dad. The constant attacks impacted my life. I felt worn out and tired, and didn’t watch TV because I couldn’t take the constant attacks. After that campaign, my father admitted he was glad to be done with politics, and I agreed. Recently, upon fetching the mail for my elderly grandmother, I found an attack ad against Troy Jackson! I was reminded of the past and appalled. Emily Cain says she doesn’t support negative advertising on her behalf, but demonstrating her inability to stand up to her own supporters makes me question her ability to stand for her beliefs in Congress. Troy isn’t running for money, or with help from big money, so I hope that you too can stand with Troy and vote for change. In the end Emily Cain’s signs ring true; she’s a Democrat running for Congress, and Troy is a Democrat running for Maine. Your vote really counts, after all, it was only by four votes that my father won his first election. I bet you could get at least 4 people to vote for Troy. So what are you waiting for‽

Joseph Perry Jr.